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NEETCO use best industry practices, which includes an integrated returns management system. Our advanced systems ensure connectivity and availability of information regarding distribution.
Organising large scale projects may become the area where NEETCO Transport can best display its diverse integrated capabilities. Because such projects entail the co-ordination of a wide range of technical know- how, engineering management and planning, more so for projects in hilly terrains and high altitudes. NEETCO Transport with its various resources (including specially designed and specialized long trailers) and expertise has what is needed to transport your cargo safely and timely.
In organising large scale transportation projects. NEETCO Transport initially draws on its extensive information sources and routes to assess safety, cost and promptness. NEETCO Transport then brings together qualified professionals to carry out the project to its completion.
Growing trends for large scale haulage projects, that call for specific trucks and trailers (low- bed, semi- low or modular hydraulic), engineering expertise and planning are inevitable. In view of our growing economy, NEETCO Transport will continue to respond to such demands by creatively combining its trucks, specialized trailers and expertise to deliver and complete the transportation project safely, timely and to the satisfaction of its customers.
In addition, NEETCO also assigns different modes of transport or specialized carriers for odd dimensional cargo. NEETCO provides a variety of transportation management options for our clients, as we analyze all the carrier options, find the right price/ performance combination, and execute shipments.
NEETCO can combine or subdivide orders into shipments that meet customer requirements at the lowest transportation cost. NEETCO can also consolidate shipments from different origins, combine them at a location near the point of delivery to make a complete order, and deliver it to its final destination as a final unit.
* Transportation of general cargo.
* Transportation of heavy and over dimensional consignment.
* Arranging all clearance from PWD / RTO / Police / Forest department etc.
* Feasibility study for the port and road for transportation of heavy and over dimensional cargo.
* Multi-modal transportation of very heavy consignment by hydraulic axle trailers.
* Civil engineering and structural engineering.
*Design and fabrication of special structure.
* Unloading of cargo at site.
* Placement of foundation/erection of heavy and over dimensional consignment.
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